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We're continuing our Giving Tuesday program through the whole month of December!  When you donate $100 to Friends of mvyradio, you can choose, as your Thank You gift, to gift 10 Underwriting messages to one of several local non-profits.  The non-profit can use these messages throughout 2016 to talk about their mission through recorded spots on MVY.

There are several non-profits to choose from, including:

Island Housing Trust
Island Housing Trust is a Community Land Trust and Community Development Corporation located on Martha’s Vineyard. Our mission is to build and renovate permanently affordable, healthy, energy efficient, sustainable ownership and rental properties for year round Island residents.  More information at

Vineyard Conservation
The Vineyard Conservation Society is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to preserving the environment of Martha’s Vineyard through advocacy, education and the protection of the Island’s land, water and community character. Through public education and advocacy, they promote community action in defense of a healthy environment and sustainable future.  More information at

Cape Abilities
Cape Abilities is a disability services agency provides jobs, homes and other services and supports for people with disabilities across Cape Cod.  Founded in 1968, the mission of Cape Abilities is to serve individuals with disabilities by educating, counseling, providing residential, social, therapeutic and employment supports so as to empower them to achieve meaningful and valued roles in society.  These services include individuals with a broad range of disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), developmental and intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, blindness, Down Syndrome, acquired brain injury, hearing impairment, mobility limitations, seizure disorder and mental health issues. More information at

CLAMS---Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing
Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing or CLAMS is a non-profit, cooperative association of libraries on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket, that share resources through a computer network with terminals located in each member library. With a CLAMS library card allows you can borrow books and other materials from all member libraries, gaining access to over 1.6 million items including books, magazines, and non-print resources.  In 2014 the number of checkouts for books, dvd's, and other materials by CLAMS library users was over 3.5 million. More information at

Boys and Girls Club of Newport County
Their mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need help most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.  They are dedicated to the healthy lifestyles, academic success, and character and leadership development of youth.  They operate the Central and North End Clubhouses in Newport, RI, and Camp Grosvenor, a 95-acre summer day camp in Saunderstown, RI.  The Club serves more than 5500 youth annually. In 2016, the Club provided more than 13,000 meals to local youth. More information at

Support MVY today, and choose one of these non-profits for your Thank You gift.


If you are ready to make a donation to Friends of mvyradio
, proceed to the next page or call us at 508-693-5000!

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Click to Enlarge the broadcast mapWe're excited to announce that, our signal upgrade is complete.  And what an upgrade this is!  

Our old signal at 92.7FM:              3000 watts
Our recent signal at 88.7FM:        480 watts
With this upgrade to 88.7FM:    12,000 watts

That's right.  With the upgrade, mvyradio's signal is now MUCH MORE POWERFUL than it has ever been in our 30+ year history. 

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Considering donating to get a Hot Seat (or giving one as a gift)?  Here's some info:  Donate $500 and you can come in and record an hour long program, with music of your choosing, to air on a Monday night at 9pm. Just make a donation on the next page. If you have questions, please write


mvyradio is an NPR Member Station, and is supported by The Corporation For Public Broadcasting.

For information on the Friends of mvyradio Board and its next Open Board Meeting, our Diversity Statement, our Local Content Services Report and our Annual Financial Report, please click through.


Learn a little more about MVY and the people behind the station.


Do you have an old car, just collecting dust and rust in the yard?

Donate it to Friends of mvyradio! We're now accepting used vehicles, in nearly any condition, from anywhere in the USA.  It's a gift that tax-deductible for you, and helps raise funds for us

Follow this link for details on the simple process of donating any car, truck, motorcycle, motor home or other vehicle as a way to support Friends of mvyradio!


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Friends of mvyradio has purchased the broadcast license for 88.7 FM. We're sure you have a number of questions, and we've tried to answer many of them, here.

mvyradio is back on the FM at 88.7FM

We launched our new FM signal at 4pm ET on Wednesday, May 21st.  We expected that signal to cover the Vineyard, but were uncertain that the signal would reach much farther.  Initial reports suggest that 88.7FM can be heard in Falmouth, Mashpee, Fairhaven and other close-by Cape Cod and Southcoast towns.

Will you still be non-profit when you go on 88.7?  Will I still be able to hear you on (the way I currently listen)?

From here forward, mvyradio's programming and streams will be non-commercial and non-profit.  We know some of you will miss the old commercial spots, but the non-profit model is going to be the most sustainable model for the station's future.

We are only adding 88.7 as a way to listen to MVY.  There are no plans to subtract any of the channels or methods that currently exist.  If you listen on 96.5 or 102.7HD2 in Newport, we'll still be there.  If you listen to any one of our streams, via iTunes or Windows Media or TuneIn or anything else, we will continue to stream there.  And if you access us through your smart phone, we'll continue to provide that connection, too.

Will WMVY acquire other signals, so it can be heard in my town?

Our long term goal is to exceed our original 92.7FM coverage and bring WMVY/mvyradio to as large a listening audience as possible. Acquiring 88.7FM is just the first step in the process of expanding the reach of WMVY on other FM stations.  There are no additional deals that are imminent, but once this current purchase is complete and paid for, we can turn our eyes toward that larger FM coverage goal.  We do now have approval from the FCC to boost the 88.7 signal, but it will require some upgrades to our building (electrical) and some new equipment.  We hope to have the signal upgraded in 2015.

Is the new station going to be called WMVY?  Where will your studios be located?  What is the programming?

We will still refer to the station as mvyradio and we are officially WMVY-FM.  The programming will be as it always was---same staff, same type of music, same shows.  We are still located in Vineyard Haven.  However, the 88.7 signal is "licensed" to Edgartown, so you'll hear us mention that, though we have no facilities in that town.

Why did WMVY sell its 92.7 signal, just to turn around and buy a new signal?

WMVY?s owner for the past 15 years was Aritaur Communications. In the Fall of 2012, Aritaur?s Board made the decision to accept the WBUR (the public radio station in Boston) offer to acquire WMVY.  Instead of selling the entire business Aritaur only sold the 92.7FM signal to WBUR. The non-profit Friends of mvyradio took over the rest of mvyradio to preserve the station and staff and work to find a new FM home for WMVY. The non-profit Friends of mvyradio operates WMVY.

Why didn?t Friends of mvyradio just buy the signal from Aritaur?

The staff at WMVY had 60 days to raise the $600,000 necessary to cover the station?s expenses for 2013. We did it in just under 60 days. To buy the signal from Aritaur, we would have additionally had to raise enough money to compete with the purchase price offered by WBUR. That was not feasible. We saved WMVY in 2013, and can now work toward restoring it to the FM airwaves in 2014.

How will Friends pay for this?

To start, Friends will rely on significant donations that provide the critical foundation of a capital campaign ? similarly to those launched by major institutions or community projects. Going forward, listener donations, major gift fundraising and increased underwriting will cover the costs associated with a new FM signal and strengthening mvyradio for the long haul. Simultaneously, special fundraising will focus on much needed station equipment, and creating new initiatives to better serve the Community.

  • Listener donations: We have been actively raising the funding needed for our 2014 budget, raising money through on-air drives and Friends of mvyradio concert events. The balance of our $600,000 raised in 2013 will carry over to continue operations in 2014, and we will need to raise additional money to pay for the cost of this new FM and the equipment needed to launch 88.7FM. Donations to Friends of mvyradio are now needed more than ever and will bring the music and voices of WMVY back to the FM dial on Martha?s Vineyard.
  • Major Gift Fundraising: We are coordinating an effort to launch our first ever Major Gift Fundraising drive, reaching out to the listening communities of the Vineyard and to the world wide supporters who are able to make significant contributions to what has been, and will continue to be, one of the Island?s anchor institutions and part of the vibrant fabric of life on the Island.
  • Increased Underwriting: When WMVY left the FM dial last winter, we did lose many of our underwriting clients and revenue. Returning to the FM dial will mean that many of those businesses can be encouraged to return to the FM airwaves. This, combined with the listener donations will build operating revenue, and help to create a more balanced funding picture ? similar to the revenue mix of other public radio stations around the country.

Who is running mvyradio? What is the Friends of mvyradio board?

Day to day operations at mvyradio are being run by the folks who?ve been there for years, including Director of Underwriting Greg Orcutt, Director of Worldwide Programming Barbara Dacey, Station Manager/Program Director PJ Finn, and Business Manager Marianna Cibulasova.

A board has been formed and is continuing to expand as they deal with immediate needs associated with the development of Friends of mvyradio and ongoing governance for the organization. Board members are listed here. Board members are expected to help with major fundraising.

mvyradio is an NPR Member Station, and is supported by The Corporation For Public Broadcasting.

For information on the Friends of mvyradio Board, our Diversity Statement, our Local Content Services Report and our Annual Financial Report, please click through.




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